Defining Feature List

Unique Feature List

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Features for phase 1

  • Customizing all pages (Adding/removing/changing)
  • Customizing the receipt template (image and text)
  • Customizing the reports template (image and text)
  • User management (Singup, Signin, Forget Password, fingerprint, pincode, group and store assignments)
  • Accessing sales history online
  • Capturing client details and customizing the fields
  • Store, Brand, Location management
  • Cross-platform (Web/iOS/Android)
  • Custom-made Compile Engine
  • Modular Design
  • Integration-ready for all hardware models
  • Integration-ready with all API-based systems

Feature for phase 2

  • Drag and Drop template management
  • E-Receipt
  • Interactive Tutorial and help
  • Advanced promotions manager
  • Offline functionality
  • Inventory Management
  • Central Register Management
  • Module Management

Features for phase 3

  • Payment Processing
  • Microsoft Azure Integration
  • Easy Initial Setup
  • Purchase Order and Transfer Management
  • API Management
  • Developer friendly Module Management